Cable news is removed by Life Time fitness from Fitness Center TVs

CHANHASSEN, Minn. (KARE 11) News junkies might need to find a new channel for amusement while sweating it out in the fitness center. Life Time Fitness chains are turning off the new season by no more broadcasting cable news stations on its large screen TVs.

In a statement in Life Time officials, the Chanhassen series states the movement is a reaction to member requests:

“We made the decision to remove cable news stations from the large TV screens in the fitness and aerobic floor areas at the start of 2018. This was predicated on many member requests obtained over the years throughout the nation, also in maintaining our general healthier method of life philosophy and dedication to offer family oriented surroundings free of always negative or politically charged material,” explained Natalie Bushaw, senior manager of public relations to Life Time.

Included in the cable news blackout is FOX, CNN, MSNBC and CNBC.

Local news station affiliates will still be on the TV displays and Bushaw says Wi-Fi is available during Life Time clubs for people who would like to see cable news livestreams on their cellular devices.

“Ultimately, it’s our wish to meet the vast majority of members’ given requests and people think this change is consistent with the needs of the general membership as well as our own desire to uphold a positive, family oriented, healthful method of life surroundings,” Bushaw stated.

According to Bushaw, members will have the option to see these stations on TV screens built into wedges and other cardio machines at the end of February.

Life Time has 25 locations in Minnesota, including one to be opened in the spring of 2019 in Southdale.