GEICO Employees Offered Low-Fat Vegan Diet to Boost Health

American Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO), recently teaming up with non-profit organization Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), to investigate whether a low-carb vegan diet could enhance the health of office workers. The outcomes of the two-part study were optimistic, as participants experienced a radical health progress.

Whilst employees with type-2 diabetes, typically those with a BMI greater than 25, have been a specific focus for investigators, the plant-based program was intended to assist all workers. By introducing a low-carb, plant-based diet throughout the board, “the [overall] health of the company” will profit, said key research workers and vegetarian doctor, Dr. Neal Barnard.

“People normally wish to be fitter, but sometimes they don’t know where to begin. If the company supports those healthful objectives, it’s a real gift,” he included.

The first part of the study lasted 22 months, participants ate lunches with black bean chili, hummus, vegetables, and green salads. Further, healthy cooking demonstrations and educational sessions with physicians and dieticians from PCRM have been supplied to assist workers change their at-home cooking habits. During this first period, each GEICO office employee took time off work due to illness and lost a mean weight of 11 lbs.

An portion of the study followed, with around 300 GEICO participants from 10 regional offices throughout the nation. During the afternoon, a vegetarian diet packed with  vegetables, veggies, whole grains, beans, and , was absorbed.   They had been provided schooling initiatives to the same food since the group, but also took trips into the grocery store to find out about reading ingredients and making more healthy choices.

Participants at the second group each lost an average of about 10 pounds, lowered their LDL (precisely the  sort of cholesterol that can result in cardiovascular disease) by 13 points and could sustain a constant blood glucose level. Along with this physical health improvements, participants were happy to note they experienced a drop in their levels of stress, fatigue, along with melancholy.

A two-year-long PCRM study unearthed educating GEICO employees about the benefits of a plant-based diet did, for the most part, stay with participants.     “The weight (of those participants) remained off long-term,” Barnard noted.

Picture Credit: GEICO via Car Insurance Guidebook

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