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Mom Turns To A Healthy Diet Instead Of Accepting Doctors Autism Diagnosis For Her Son

Children all across America are facing a major epidemic.

Childhood obesity is no joke, and the health problems that come along with it are a matter of serious concern.

If nothing is done to change our nation’s relationship with food, younger generations will begin to die at earlierages than previous generations. With all the medical advancements, this absolutely should not be happening.

When this mom had a miracle baby in her 40s, she couldn’t have been any happier. However, when little Adin was 10 months old, her friend noticed something strange about the way he interacted with the world.

Adin was diagnosed with autism, and doctors told his mother that he would never be able to speak.

She simply couldn’t believe that she’d never be able to have a conversation with her baby boy. So, she decided to find a way to help her child come away from this diagnosis.

She turned to diet. So many children are fed with processed chemicals and sugary candies. But the food we feed our children is the fuel that helps their brains grow. It doesn’t just affect weight… it affects everything from the mind, down to each of the five senses.

In this video, see Adin’s journey from a little boy who couldn’t speak, to a social, passionate boy he is today. It’s amazing what one single change can do to a life…

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