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400-Pound 7-Year-Old Drops 320 Pounds With Diet And Exercise

Carolyn was happy to give her 7-year-old daughter Jessica whatever she wanted to eat. She thought filling her daughter’s belly was her parental duty. However, things quickly got out of hand. Jessica began to eat every 20 minutes, and when she didn’t like a food, she would throw a tantrum. When the child reached 400 pounds, it became difficult to walk, so Jessica would roll around the floor.

Then the unthinkable happened: Jessica was rushed to the hospital after havingtrouble breathing. When she was in critical condition, doctors notified Child Protective Services. Jessica was transferred to a child obesity clinic, and it was the wake-up call Carolyn needed to make things right. It might be easy to point the finger at what this mother did wrong, but when Carolyn was given the opportunity and the information to make things right, she really made the most of it. Carolyn attended parenting classes, while Jessica was put on a strict regimen of a nutritional dietand exercise.

Jessica lost 320 pounds without surgery, all with the guidance of her mama. Carolyn monitors and regulates what Jessica eats starting at the grocery store and all the way to the dinner table. Jessica now understands that she has a food addiction, and the two continue to work together to make the right health choices. Carolyn admits she still feels guilty, but her efforts should be applauded for turning things around and prioritizing her daughter’s health and happiness.


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